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To the esteemed readers I still have left;

Thanks for hanging in there! It’s been so long, I feel like I should catch you up to speed on the new and old. Here’s what’s old these days:

-My nephew is no longer the size of a rutabaga, but is now a part of the world and the size of a real live human baby. So that’s cool.

-I received a snow blower earlier this winter through a vast network of intricate social connections. Thanks, Johnstons. Until just yesterday, it had done a great job of keeping the weather unseasonably warm and therefore snow off of the driveway.

-In their annual year-in-review email, WordPress informs me that in 2011, most people found my blog because they were (once again) looking for pictures of cantaloupe. And apparently my popularity is growing in Belgium and India – who knew?


Here’s what’s new:

-As you may have gathered, I’m headed to China in a few short weeks! I’ll be backpacking across Asia with my college buddy Craig. We’ll be there to celebrate the nuptials of our friend Joe and the soon to be Ms. Joe. The wedding will take place in a town 8 hours north of Shanghai during the several day long Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival).

We’ll fly into China about a week ahead of time to explore Shanghai and get accustomed to the time difference. Joe and Ms. Joe will get hitched that weekend. After the ceremony, Craig and I will part company with the honeymooners and work our way through Macau, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

For those of you who don’t have a map of Asia memorized, our trip will look a little something like this:


Despite any glaring similarities this trip bears to the recent box office smash Contagion, rest easy – I’m not planning to shake hands with any casino chefs any time soon.

So yeah, the trip will take a little under 3 weeks in total. I’m hoping to blog about it while I’m there, but I’m not 100% sure about which websites will be available due to the Great (Fire)Wall of China.

Thanks for hanging in there, dear readers. More to come!



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