Ok, I’ll admit it. I occasionally read my own blog. Just to see what I did in the last few months. Because sometimes I have trouble remembering. The thing is, with only 10 posts last year even I get bored with reading about my life.

And come on, I’m far too vain to let that slide. 2010 was an exciting year! In between those 10 posts, all kinds of stuff happened. Stuff with repercussions on the present. And sometimes, it’s good to see how we got to where we are.

The facts are these:

1) This year, I’ve been getting my hair cut at great clips. Maybe it’s more like “Just-OK” clips, but anyway…Last year I always went to a neighborhood place, but after a botched first date with the hairdresser, I’ve vowed not to return. Man, I can’t believe this was the first thing to pop into my head for this list.

2) In 2010, my buddy Tony and I started jamming on a semi-regular basis. After a decade of using the same ol’ drums I started on in middle school, I’ve upgraded to a sleeker sounding kit. This upgrade has been instrumental (get it?)  in keeping things fresh and funky in 2011. And just a few weeks back, I sold my old kit to some cute lil’ middle schooler through craigslist. Hooray for music education, everyone!

3) Last year I discovered one of my favorite movies is North by Northwest. This led to my fascination with older films (Hitchcocks, noir, etc.) for which I still scour the Netflix today.

4) Above all, the summer of 2010 was about three things: Weddings, weddings, and weddings. I haven’t counted yet, but I don’t think there will be quite as many this year as there were last year.

5) I visited my sister in Florida last fall. She’s now a certified Occupational Therapist. Congrats to you, V! I’ll be coming down to visit again in 2011. Although maybe not during stingray season this time around.

Amidst all the regular chaos life provides, sometimes I find a little review of things past to be therapeutic. If I was a little more on top of things, maybe this “year in review” post would have happened in early January instead of late February, but who am I kidding? We all know I’m not so good with months, anyway.

Thanks for checking in. More to come.