Apparently wordpress sends you summary statistics to review your blog’s progress over the year. In 2010, here’s how SeeFoxRun did:

  1. I wrote an ASTONISHING 10 posts in 2010. Sorry about that guys.
  2. Apparently we had enough readers come to the site to fill about 7 jumbo jets. Which is kind of exciting, right? I bet we’d have just enough to fill a 15 passenger van for the year if we ignore repeat readers.
  3. This stat is my personal favorite: Over 1,700 people viewed my blog this year because they were looking for pictures of cantaloupe.

In other news, the whole clan just came back from sunny Playa del Carmen. It was rough, I tell you – fresh fruit delivered to you by the pool in the morning, afternoon naps in the shade, and the occasional sailing trip were sometimes too stressful to handle.

I don’t know just how, but we survived an entire week of that madness. My sunburned nose found its way back to the grindstone in snowy ol’ Minnesota earlier last week.

Hope you all had a great holiday season. Happy new year!