Dearest November,

Sorry I left you hangin’.

Sincerely, See Fox.

I guess that was really a haiku, but you get the picture. I won’t say November was busier month than it usually is, or that I was busy. We’re all busy. Here’s what’s been going on:

  1. I saw Harry Potter 7. Pretty good, even though not a lot happens.
  2. I’ve only got 3 chapters left in Candide – which, thanks to Voltaire’s punctual writing style, amounts to about 9 pages.
  3. I’ve been playing a whole lot of Family Feud for Super Nintendo. Yeah, that’s right, Super Nintendo.
  4. Winter is here now. Man, shoveling is way more fun that I remember from last year.
  5. I guess I’ve written a lot of emails with bullet points and/or numbered lists in them, which is probably why my blog formatting has undergone this recent surge of office style formatting. Go figure.

Oh yeah, and just because I didn’t feel like making a bullet for it – I switched my web browser to Google Chrome now, and it really is as fast as lightning.