In case you’re wondering, C. Fox did. Me. Yours truly. 

Well folks, I’ve finally overcome my adverse reaction to computer screens long enough to post on my blog again. Also, if you’re reading this, Kale; thanks for motivating me to write again.

I’ve spent my summer working, visiting the Fox family cabin, and taking the occasional summer trip to Lake Superior. I’ve been keeping up with drums and guitar more than ever, I’ve started sailing on Ottertail Lake (thanks, Grams!), and I’ve been doing my best to hang on to that language that I minored in.

I’ve got some new ideas for “See Fox run” that I’ll be continuing until… well, until I get sick of them, really. Weekly Thursday picture updates are back in a big way this fall, with the occasional rave about the last movie/concert/outdoor festival I went to as a definite possibility as well. Stay tuned.