What’s better than a big ol’ truck driving through the mud to loud classic rock on a Saturday night? An even bigger truck, driving through lots of mud, to even louder classic rock, on an even later Saturday night.

Last Saturday at the Metrodome, there was an event so special it only comes to Minneapolis once a year: Christmas MONSTER JAM!

Monster Jam is a Monster Truck Rally. They drive huge trucks, and smash cars. I went to go see it last weekend. It. Was. Awesome. Here’s proof:

See how excited everyone is? Proof of the awesome-ness. I didn’t snap this picture, nor did I own the camera that took it, so I’d like to go ahead and thank Jen for letting me use this picture.

I didn’t manage any other pictures that capture how badass this event was, but I did find this video clip of the show-stopping, first-place-winning freestyle run of Avenger (the name of the truck, not the driver). This lil’ guy wreaked all kinds of havoc on the muddy arena of the ‘dome. If you’re impatient, go ahead and fast forward the video to about 20 seconds in.

As you’ve noticed, the video has no sound. If you want that “feel like I’m there experience,” just imagine what it would be like to be inside of a diesel engine while this is going on.

In all, Monster Jam was right up there on the level of awesome-ness of skydiving. Well, almost. Both were loud, adrenaline charged, and worth trying at least once.