Here are some things that I’ve managed to cross off the to-do list lately:

1) Go on a vacation. Check!

I recently returned from sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. It was a very relaxing trip, but the flight back was in the middle of a big ol’ blizzard. One day I was swimming in the Atlantic, and the next I found myself shoveling the walk. Reality is far too cruel. I went swimming, read a few books, and even participated in a marathon (by watching it).

The real story here is that one of my co-workers was flying down to West Palm to run a marathon, so I tagged along to cheer him on.  Next item on the list, please!

2) Go Skydiving. Completed.

While my coworker Chris and were in Florida, we jumped out of a plane. Was it fast? Hell yeah. Was it awesome? Incredibly.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera skydiving with me, so all I have for pictures is the one above (from an earlier excursion completely unrelated to skydiving) and this totally lame picture of the plane that flew us up for the jump. We dropped from 10,000 feet and reached speeds of up to 120 mph. I don’t think I’ve screamed so hard in my entire life.

So what’s next on the list?

3) Buy a Christmas Tree and decorate it.  Done! I had a little help with this one. The tree’s name is Alfred. See those lights on him? Yeah, they’re SCRABBLE lights. Pretty baller, right?

Alfred might look a little squat in this picture, but he’s been good smelling and loveable ever since I brought him into my home. Kinda like a certain blogger that we all know and love, eh ladies?

In other news, my cousin Laura just got married – so congrats to her and her new hubby Brad. Also, since the holidays are right around the corner, here’s a shout out to Christmas.