I spent the month of October settling into my new routine. Forgive me for not blogging. I wanted to make it a point not to blog about my job, and I’d been struggling to find something more interesting to say than: “I went to work. I worked. I came home.”

I hit up a late night happy hour at The Blue Door on Wednesdays with my college buddies, aka “The Usual Suspects.”  It’s a small neighborhood bar with just the right atmosphere to get you through the middle of the week. I see the usual suspects about as much as I did in college, so that part of my life really isn’t too different.

Towards the middle of October, the company kick ball team went all the way to the finals and won the championship game. They didn’t have a trophy or prizes to give away to us winners – but that’s ok, because I figure I smell like a champion even without an old spice deodorant prize pack.

Also, Halloween was last month. Somewhere along the line of the costume planning process, I decided it would be fun to be a “hand turkey” for Halloween. I scrounged up some  construction paper and cardboard I had lying around from some recent IKEA purchases and came up with this…


And in case you’re wondering, those are, in fact, tights that I’m wearing. In all, the costume took about 2 hours to put together. The hardest part was finding someone with a big enough hand for me to trace.

Last but not least, I took the plunge and made my first (*gasp!) doctor’s appointment with my own insurance. Look at me being all grown up.