After much searching, I have finally found a new place to live. I signed the lease with the new landlords last week at a Mexican restaurant. It was a little uncanny signing a lease over margaritas, but definitely an enjoyable experience.

My new bachelor pad is a side-by-side duplex in SE Minneapolis. It’s a  real place, too. It’s sunny, has space for my drumset, and it’s got free laundry in the unit (w000000t!). Shoutout to my sister and mom for letting me wash my clothes at their houses all throughout college. Thanks.

In other news, I left the ostrich races (a specialty event, as they normally race horses only) at Canterbury Park last Sunday with my wallet a cool 20 Abe Lincolns heavier. That’s right, I made twenty pennies in a single afternoon.

Ostrich Jockey

How I managed to come out  just twenty cents ahead is beyond me, but I’ve always felt like once you win anything at a casino it’s time to call it quits.

Another day at the races

My more reliable source of income (i.e. my new job) is going well. I’ve successfully passed training, and I’m happy to have it done. I moved into my new cubicle (in our brand spankin’ new building) the day after training. The new building is ridiculous. Come visit me at work sometime. We have a lady that plays piano  in the lobby every morning as we walk in. It’s awesome.

The company kickball team (which I’m now a part of) has its first scrimmage in a week, so I’ll be keeping you in the loop as to how that goes. Thanks for checkin’ in.