So for all of you who have been wondering what I’ve been doing with my time for the past month or so, let me assure you that I’ve been productive. I’m currently in the middle of an intensive two and a half week training program for my new job. It’s so intense that I have homework.

At first I was stressed out about this whole training period, but I’ve reached a point where I realize that I can choose not to let it the stress bother me. After that realization, my training has been sailing right along.

I’ve been keeping busy looking for a new place to live. My lease for this place is up at the end of the summer, which means that it’s time for Seefox to move out and move up. (My place now isn’t the nicest I’ve ever lived in, let’s just say that.) My latest hunt for housing led me to a joint by Lake Calhoun. It’s decently close to the office, decently nice, and close to the lakes, but the downside is that I probably couldn’t play my drums in an apartment building.

And who wants to live somewhere where you can’t play your drums?

“Not me,” said the bee.

I’ll keep you posted on how things unfold. Thanks for checkin’ in.