***Dear Readers,

Who’d have thunk that blogging would be such hard work? Needless to say, an update has been overdue. This is a belated update that I meant to post last week (ie the last week in June) instead of this week (ie the first entire week in July). Yikes. I’ll try to do a better job keeping you up to date in the next few weeks. With that, enjoy this older, yet still entirely enjoyable, blog post.***

Here’s the experiences from the past week, as outlined in an easy to understand format.

Bad Things:

-This heatwave! Minnesota is having hot flashes.


Good things:

-New AC unit

-Bike Lights!

-The world’s largest pepper mill

-Good times with new roomie B.Ryba


I will admit, it was a bit of a trick to get that new AC unit working. Apparently, there’s a small rubber stopper that you need to prevent the air conditioner from dripping water all over the place.

I first realized something was wrong once I stepped into the big puddle of water that had collected on my bedroom floor. I took the AC unit in the bathroom and cursed my rotten luck.

My mom called shortly after to inform me that I had managed to leave the plug behind. She dropped in the mail for me that day, but in the mean time I needed to cool my bedroom. I took a quick inventory of makeshift plug materials I had in the house. No putty, no sealants, no corks, no nothin’. With no help in sight and a sweltering, restless bedtime fast approaching, I had nothing left to do but improvise.

I grabbed a potato out of the pantry, took a few Qtips from the bathroom, and in a jiffy I MacGyvered myself a makeshift plug.

Fix an air conditioner. Just one of the many things you can do with a potato and a Qtip. You can’t make this stuff up.