Well dear readers, I promised you an account of my spring break shenanigans, so without much further adieu, here they are:

My good friend Tom and I cruised on down to a lil’ ranch near Black, Missouri (pronounced “Mah-zur-ruh” for those not in-the-know) to begin our backpacking adventure. After a brief 11 hour drive from Minneapolis, we parked ourselves at Brushy Creek Lodge, set up camp next to Gretta (my car, for those not in-the-know), and layed down for the night on a nice piece of non-frozen soil.

Brushy Creek Lodge

We hit the trail right on time the next morning, thanks to our Head ranch man Bob. Bob was something of a hiking enthusiast himself, and took pleasure in providing us with the exact names and locations of his favorite hiking trails along “The Canyon” (which means “the grand canyon,” for those not in-the-know).

Apart from his occasional exclamations like, “That trail was a bear-cat! Ooohweeee!” Bob pointed out key landmarks on the trail as the three of us whizzed past them in his ridiculously empty fifteen passenger van.

We got on trail, hiked, saw some things, yadda yadda yadda. The trail was a bit easier going than we had initially anticipated, so Tom and I covered between 9 and 12 miles each day. We got on trail Sunday Morning and had completed our planned section and then some by Tuesday afternoon.

Relaxin' on day one

There were, fair reader, certain trials and tribulations during the trip. There were some river crossings. And we did get lost. Kind of. Twice.

The only times we got “lost” were at the very beginning of the trail, trying to figure out which path to follow; and at the very end of the trail, looking for the path back to our car. As navigator, I take full responsibility for both of these blunders, and can soberly admit that it was a good learning experience.

We eventually realized our error once we crossed over a stream that we weren’t supposed to, but by that time we were a solid mile downhill of where we wanted to be.

Two good lookin' hikers

But, we regained our bearings after a two minute scouting expedition and had found ourselves back at Gretta’s side just after 1 PM.

The three of us (Tom, myself, and Gretta) hightailed it on out of there on Tuesday afternoon. Cruising through the smoothly paved highways of the sunny Missouri backcountry, it was a pleasure to get a chance to sit down, sip a cool Sonic beverage, and ride the open interstate back to Minneapolis.

roadway sunbeams