Okay y’all. As Louise so expertly pointed out, there was no hair update last Thursday. Despite the eagerness of the THURS, it simply wasn’t attainable with midterm exams and a looming road trip to prepare for.

Now with the exams and road trip being things of the past, here’s double your usual Thursday fun.

Me, at approximately 10 AM central time

 morning shot


Me, approximately 5 PM central time, after showering in our newly mildew free shower. That’s right, I’ve been cleaning. Woot-woot!

 afternoon shot

And that, dear readers, was your Th-Th-Thursday D-D-D-Doubleshot (read in radio announcer voice).

In other news, the road trip went really well. My friend Tom and I went backpacking on the Ozark Trail last weekend. For those of you who don’t know, the ozarks are in Missouri, Arkansas, and a wee bit o’ Southern Illinois. I had thought our trip would take until late Wednesday morning, but we actually finished our planned route by Tuesday afternoon.

Trip details/fun things coming soon!