Last Tuesday marked the beginning of the end for my college career. This sesmester will be my last semester as an undergraduate. I’ve only had a few days to get a feel for my new schedule, but I don’t believe that it will be too overwhelming.

As many of you may know, I’m about to enter the job market. I’m aiming high, for the time being. I’m a bit nervous about the whole process, but… you can’t win ’em all, I suppose.

Ok, and now on to more fun stuff. Today my roommate Scotty and I went… TO THE SAINT PAUL WINTER CARNIVAL!!!!!

Winter Carnival Logo on Vulcans' Castle

Our excitement about being there is best evidenced by the following photograph.

In the "snow"mobile

Ok, so really we didn’t do much of the stuff on the Winter Carnival docket, other than taking in the snow sculptures from last weekend’s competition. But, even though we only saw this one small piece of the winter carnival, I still give it 42 thumbs way up!

My rating of this year's sculptures

More to come soon!