Friday was an exciting day for me. Or at least, it was until this happened.

 Momentos from a well spent Friday night

The explanation is pretty simple. I went to a concert (hence the ticket stub in the photo with my mangled glasses) and whilst I was dancing my glasses fell off my face, rolled off of my fingertips, and were lost to the abyss of the crowded dance floor. By the time I had tracked ’em down in the sea of Ugg boots and Converse All-stars, the damage had already been done.

No worries, though – this happened to my old pair of glasses. My new ones spend their time firmly on my face or securely tucked into their case. Sometimes I like to learn things the hard way.

It snowed again in Minneapolis last night, meaning I awoke to a quarter of an inch of winter wonderland blanketing the sidewalks this morning. I leapt out of bed and donned my hat, mittens, scarf, and coat to go make a snowman, only to find out that the snow wasn’t sticky enough to roll into balls.

I did, however, take a nice pre-breakfast walk (as to get the feeling for the season) and then adjourned for hot tea and an english muffin.

Yep, it’s bound to be a good weekend after all.