Halloween was on Friday. But, you knew that already. I debated for a long time whether or not I was going to post anything special for the occasion, or even bring up what I did, given that so many of my friends have more exciting and interesting stories to tell.

But then I realized – you didn’t go to my friends’ blogs, you came to mine. So first of all, allow me to say a hearty: “Thanks for coming, buddy!”

This year I found myself enjoying a good ol’ US halloween at Minneapolis’ own First Avenue, amongst other places. You know, that place in Purple Rain?

Here’s me in costume. It’s not quite what I was imagining pre-blueing myself, but you get the idea.

First Ave was pretty hoppin’, although there wasn’t much by the way of anything too incredibly Halloween-y worth mentioning.  I met up with one of my roommates and some old friends there, and life was good. There was a costume contest, which was won by a guy who had created a very convincing, life-sized Lego man costume.

We left somewhat early in order to make sure we caught the last bus back home, only to find the bus running 30 minutes late. We killed time reciting song lyrics together, and eventually the bus arrived and took us our separate ways.

My first instinct was to immediately plop into bed, but in not wanting to wake up in a bed smeared entirely with ultramarine blue paint, I decided to be extra careful in washing my face before going to sleep that night.