You ‘neak up on it.

I was up late studying, when I began to recall a conversation I had with some of my fellow backpackers on my latest northbound adventure. We were in the van on the way up to the Superior Hiking Trail, discussing what all of the big things we wanted to do before we die. I had always meant to make one of those types of lists, but had never gotten around to doing it. People began to list of their creative ideas, some which were fairly run of the mill, and others which had never occurred to me before. One of my compatriots mentioned that she had made such a list once, and rediscovered it years later by accident. She was older and wiser, she said, but the majority of the items on her list went unfinished.

So this has got me thinking – isn’t it entirely possible that this situation could happen to me? What if instead of finding my list of goals written in my early teen years while I’m in my twenties, I find the list I wrote in my twenties on my ninetieth birthday and I still hadn’t done half the things on my list?

Assuming I actually did find such a list of my own unfinished business, then it must be the case that I didn’t want to accomplish the things that I wrote on my list, or that I simply didn’t actually care enough to remember what I wrote down in the first place. I mean, the idea is to write down all of the cool things you dream of doing. But if you have to write those dreams down or risk forgetting them, how important can they really be?

After that thought struck me, I said to myself: “Lists? For life? No thanks. I’ll dream so detailed and so BIG, just exactly how I want to. I’ll dream out fantastic and simple life goals – important enough to remember every detail. It’ll be so uniquely ‘Seefox’ that I’ll never forget it.”