I’ve been having problems getting the card for my renewed driver’s license. Or at least I used to be having problems with it… until I called the Timmy P. You know, Timmy P, the Governor of Minnesota? Yeah, he’s workin’ for me now.

So here’s the skinny. Because I was moving around a lot over the past few months (due to various internships, fishing at the cabin, and various other world-saving activities) the DMV had been unable to figure out which address to send the stupid thing. It seemed like every time I went in to the DMV to change it, they had already sent it somewhere else or were unable to switch the address because of lord-knows-what reason, or because I had to do “x” before they could do “y,” et cetera.

My birthday was in June. Four months later, I still had nothin’. Fed up and with nowhere left to turn, I did what any three year old in their right mind would do. I told mom.

“Mom” in this case was Tim Pawlenty’s constituent services office, but it got me results, nevertheless. They looked into it yesterday and got back to me within 24 hours.

Personally, I’m glad that he wants my vote badly enough to have people pulling strings for me. My license is on its way, and I feel like I just hoodwinked the man into doing something for me. American democracy in action, w00t!