So I have this gift certificate for I’m also taking a Backpacking trip in early October for a class I’m taking. Being the savvy shopper that I am, I’m trying to purchase a few pairs wool socks with my gift card. Although I have received a fair number of specialty socks as Christmas gifts, birthday presents, and the like, I can’t track down any of them. I would seem that the majority of my socks that are white or argyle. I do, by the way, have an extensive collection of argyle socks.

Why's there a lightsaber coming out of my neck?

Ok, so maybe extensive isn’t the best word, but I do enjoy me a good pair o’ argyles.

You know how Amazon offers the product from their warehouse, but then also has that hyperlink stating that said item is also available “used and new” from other sellers? Apparently “used and new” applies for socks as well.

Gross. Although I’ve checked out few socks with options for “used and new,” I have yet to find anyone offering me their old dirty socks. But, come to think about it, that’s a testament to the awesome power of the internet right there; connecting those weirdos who want to sell their used socks with all those other weirdos who want to by ’em. Ah, this digital age!

And hey, guess who turned in his Fulbright application yesterday? If you guessed me, you’re right! Even though the application is in, the selection process is far from over. The next step is an interview later this month with the University Fulbright committee, whose recommendation holds a fair bit of clout in the next part of the process. Wish me luck!