One year ago today I started my study abroad in Venezuela. This day marks two very special occasions. The first of which, is that “Run fox, run” is now over a year old. So congratulations readers, You’ve put up with me for over a year now!

Who DOESN'T like MS paint?!

The second very special occasion is the anniversary of the beginning of something entirely new and different than my life in the US. Although it was something that I enjoyed very much and learned a lot from, I hate to think of it as life changing. Which isn’t to say I’m not thinking of going back. I’m applying for a Fulbright Grant in Venezuela. So w00t! There’s my big announcement.

In other news: FISH! More specifically: walleye! I’ve been going fishing a lot lately. For those of you who don’t know what walleyes (or wallies as we call ’em) look like, here’s a picture to help you out. Sorry, it’s kind of gross and yes, that is the Star Trib being used to cover the table.

Wally and Wally in their biggest event yet! Dinner.

Wally and Wally in their biggest event yet! Dinner.

Other than fishing, I don’t really do a whole lot while I’m here at the cabin. I have a date tomorrow with Grams Fox to whip up some caramel rolls and learn the “threads” of quilting. Get it? It wouldn’t be learning the “ropes,” because ropes would be too big to make a quilt. Oh man, did you guys miss updates like these!