Well, I successfully separated from my job. The whole process went fine, even though I didn’t get the armed escort out of the building that I wanted. Friday morning I managed to cram my apartment into two suitcases and a backpack, and I hopped on the next flight back to Minneapolis that afternoon. Today I find myself back on Minnesotan soil.
This weekend I reunited with my roommates from the past semester. My buddy Joe has been a fiend for Sonic the Hedgehog lately, so it’s been a good stroll down memory lane with him and the Sega Genesis. It took a formidable amount of time, but he did eventually beat the game all the way through. Way to get all 6 Emeralds, Joe! I’m sure Dr. Robotnik never saw it coming.


nice work, you've just wasted two entire days.After patiently observing Joe’s triumph over the 16 bit console for the better half of Saturday and most of Sunday morning, we adjourned for a rabble rousing round of everyone’s favorite board game, the Settlers of Catan. And I know what you’re thinking. Right now you’re asking yourself: “But seefox, isn’t ‘SCRABBLE Crossword Game’ your favorite board game?”


I will admit this one, sobering fact. SCRABBLE is indeed my favorite board game. But Catan, dear reader, Catan… is a way of life.


More than just a board of free floating hexes, decks of resource and development cards, and little wooden pieces, Catan is a game of strategic economic development and trade which could change the way you think about developing nations.


Well, that last part might not be true, but you should play sometime.


In my free time I’ve been checking up on some of the other blogs that I like. After looking at all the neat layouts and writing styles that they utilize, I’ve decided that I need  to incorporate some of these elements into Run Fox, Run. Ideally, my blog will become less of a narrative about my day to day life and more of a social forum where I can write posts of a more personal nature. I think I’ll leave most of the narrative part of my life to pictures- which is why I’m vowing to do a better job updating my flickr account. Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that lots of interesting hyperlinks never hurt anyone.


As I travel less in the coming year, I feel that blogging is less of a priority. As such, I may not be posting very frequently. However, given my new commitment to quality, I think this will ultimately be a good thing.