Apparently Minnesota has one of the highest voter turnout rates of any state in the Union in recent presidential elections. Isn’t that sweet? Participation is awesome, especially in politics. I should explain that I’ve been on a little bit of a kick about this lately, mostly because I was finally stirred up enough to write to my Senator. Do you know who your senators are?

In other news, I went to do some people watching in Dupont Circle and ended up with a bunch o’ pictures of this break dancing crew that happened to be in the area. But since my computer and my camera aren’t getting along right now, I can’t show any of them to you. But, there was a little boy with them who tried to keep up with everyone else, but in the end he just couldn’t accept the fact that at the age of 6, he’s still a bit too young that kind of thing. The funniest part of it was how they claimed to be local artists, yet they also announced that they’re from the Bronx. I didn’t quite get that part of it.

There’s been so much happening lately. I’m sorry I haven’t given you all an update in so long… I know we’re all sitting on the edges of our computer chairs, anxiously swiveling back and forth and wondering: “What has seefox been up to lately?”

Well, this is my last week of work. Actually today was my last day of my summer internship. How’s that grab you? I’m pretty excited to get back to Minnesota, myself. Since this is the last week for everyone who’s in the same program as me, these past few weeknights have been filled with extended goodbyes, extraordinarily long dinners, frequent goodbye get togethers, and frantically improvised visits to people who loaned me various housewares for the summer.

On my previous post about lists, I must confess that I hardly got to do a single thing on my “must see” list in this past week. I was discussing this with Grams Fox last weekend. She told me that I shouldn’t have any regrets, and instead I should view these as things to keep in mind for the next time I visit.