Yesterday I biked to Mount Vernon with my fellow JPSM-er Suzanne. From Foggy Bottom, it was about an 18 mile ride. I had never biked that far before in my life. I know it pales in comparison to a lot of bike enthusiasts, but I thought that it seemed like a bit of a ride anyhow.

The trail was tree lined (for the most part) and ran along the Potomac, past the Reagan National Airport, through Old Town Alexandria, and finally ended at the parking lot to the Mount Vernon Estate. We had rented bikes for the day, but they clearly weren’t designed  or maintained for the kind of trip we took them on.

We're Here!

We're Here!

That evening I managed to catch a performance of “If you see something, say something,” an intriguing monologue which was part of the Capitol Fringe Festival. Afterwards, Esther and I went out for some drinks, finally hit up Madam’s Organ (which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a loooong time), and called it a night just in time to take the last train to Clarkesville – well, really to “Farragut North,” but that’s not the name of the song, now is it?

Today I headed out to the Botanical Gardens and got to take a peak at some of their exhibits. Here’s a photo that I liked.

Tomorrow I’ve got designs on having a picnic on the mall with some work friends before taking part in the “Screen on the Green” outdoor movie. I know that lately there have been a lot of festivities back in the wonderful state of Minnesota, so I’d just like to give a shout out to all my peeps holding it down in the best place on earth.