Readership spikes on Mondays, apparently. I know that I should have posted earlier last week (or heck, even yesterday) but I just plain forgot – well, I was pretty busy, too. To mark the occasion, I thought I’d start by posting a picture of the haircut I got last Wednesday (I know, right? It woulda been just in time for Hair Update Thursday). Except I didn’t manage to get around to it on Thursday. Sorry fellas. But here’s what I do have for you…




Thursday was nuts. I saw “The Lion King” at the Kennedy Center at 7:30 and managed to catch “The Dark Knight” in Alexandria, VA just an hour and a half later. Both were amazing, but I felt like the Lion King left a small something to be desired. Originally, I wasn’t expecting to see just a dramatized version of the film.


When this thought had occurred to me early Thursday morning, I became accutely aware that Disney – although they do indeed make some excellent stories – is also the mastermind behind such theatrical productions as “Nemo on Ice.” Thus, I became quite concerned with the… shall we say the caliber… of the performance I was about to see.


All irrational qualms aside, The Lion King was definitely worth seeing on stage: if only for the costumes, puppetry, and stage design involved in the piece. But enough about that. What about the rest of the week and/or weekend? Well, I ate some Indian food, visited the IMF and the World Bank (well, their bookstores, actually), managed to squeeze in a little bit of ultimate frisbee, and snapped a few photos outside of the Library of Congress. Which, by the by, is not as much of a library as I was expecting (at least the parts open to the public).


Add some grilled sandwiches on French toast followed by slow roasted homemade marshmallows (over a birthday candle and skewered on a vegetable peeler no less!)  and you got yourself a recipe for a successful weekend.