Thursday night I saw Willie Colon, live and in concert. For those of you who have no clue who that is, try this link out for size. It was a great show in all, but stupid me forgot the camera. I managed to snap a few images with my phone, but they didn’t turn out that great.

I went to work tired as all get out the next morning, but survived the day long enough to get home and play a few games of scrabble with the neighbors – and then get locked out of my room at about 11 pm. The “key depot” for the dorms had closed and I was stuck on the phone trying to figure out who else I could call to let me in. Help was on the way and after about 20 short minutes, I got let back into my room and fell asleep… but I still didn’t have a working key for my place.

Saturday was a very sporting day… in that I partook in several sporting events. The morning brought an all day ultimate frisbee “hat” tournament (I still have no idea what they mean by “hat,” as very few people there were indeed wearing hats) and in the evening I watched Miguel Tejada and his Astros take on the Nationals. The Nats lost, but the evening was still young. A childhood classic, The Sandlot, was playing on the stadium’s gigantic full color scoreboard after the game. No worries though, sometime between the ultimate tournament and the Nats game I did manage to find some time to get another key for my place, but not without a little bit of legwork.

A little bit of housekeeping and a little presentation called “Muppet History 101” at the AFI Silver Theatre and I had myself a merry little Sunday.  Jim Henson’s wife, Jane Henson was present at the presentation and even fielded a few questions from the audience afterwards.

Yep, that’s it! Hope you all had good weekends, too.