So, how ’bout that independence day, eh? Mine was pretty good. Complete with picnic, a little drizzle, fireworks, and a tasty beverage or two.

All the festivities from the 4th left me feeling a little tired of the DC crowds, so I spent most of the weekend indoors. I did, however, venture out on Sunday to go hit up the infamous “Eastern Market.”

 Hey, let's take a photo

I was wearing my “Venezuela” shirt, taking a few pictures for the blog, when I get approached by this man who asks me “Eres Venezolano?”

Surprised, and realizing that what he said was in Spanish, I asked “What?”

He said again (this time in English) “Are you Venezuelan?”

Because he had originally asked in Spanish, I was not thinking in English and thus did not understand what he was asking this time around either. Again I said “What?”

He asked again in English, and then I finally understood and said a firm “no.”

“Soy Venezolano” he told me.

Thinking that he was asking me something again, I looked at him with a puzzled expression. He repeated himself for the umpteenth time and I finally got it. By this time I was so flustered that when I tried to explain (in Spanish) that I had studied abroad for four months in Merida, everything came out in a messy, incorrectly conjugated jumble. Highlights of the conversation included me telling him that I had learned “the slangs” from his part of Venezuela, and mentioning that I had lived there “nines” months ago.

I felt pretty embarassed about it.

No worries, though, folks. I got to talk to Ana mi pana from Venezuela for quite a while last night, so I’m feeling halfway decent about my Spanish again. Tonight I’m slowing things down a bit with a whole hearted attempt at homemade chicken soup. No recipe, just pure emotion. With this in mind, I also recommend the movie “Como agua para chocolate (Like water for chocolate)” which deals with a similar motif.

That being said, the past week was a whirlwind of crazy fun stuff. Martinis at Utopia, Vinx at the Bohemian Caverns… the fun just doesn’t quit. My plans for this week are far more pedestrian and involve eating my chicken soup and getting back into tourist mode. Oh, I also managed to check out Crystal City’s showing of “The Spy Who Loved Me.” And hey, having pictures is great, right?

Who needs thestrals, anyway?