Earlier this week at work I was looking at a map of Ohio with my boss. The man showing us what he was working on pointed to one city that was a perfect example of what he was trying to demonstrate.

“So if you look right here, Toledo is a perfect example of what I’m trying to demonstrate” he said. “Our area of interest is essentially all this highlighted ring around downtown Toledo.”

To which my boss replied, “Holy Toledo, there’s a hole in Toledo.”

Everyone glanced at each other, and we all busted out laughing. All puns aside, the weeks have been flying by. This past weekend I hit up the zoo with a few pals for part of the afternoon, but our excursion was cut short by some mean lookin’ rain clouds. A short Metro ride later, the four of us were eating chili dogs, chilli half-smokes, and chili cheese fries at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

I might see the holocaust museum today… if my imminent need to do laundry doesn’t interrupt things first.