The day started with a ropes course at the GWU Mount Vernon campus. I still have no idea how the day’s going to end, but it’s been a pretty great day so far.

First off, the ropes course wasn’t phenomenal or anything – but it was a much needed few hours in the DC summer heat. I found a frisbee while we were doing a group activity in the woods, so I was pretty pleased about that. We all got back home around 4, and I managed to turn right around again to take in the last half hour or so of glover (pronounced like ‘clover’) park day.

I went there to meet with a friend of a friend – my kindergarden teacher’s sister’s college roommate. So that’s probably more like a friend of a friend of a friend, but either way Ariadne introduced me to her fellow glover park planning committee friends and we had a fantastic time together.

I’m still feeling a little euphoric about it, because it was such a liberating experience to just go and hang out with completely new people and yet still feel like these were people that shared your interests and sense of humor. We topped the whole thing off with a trip to Max’s Ice Cream parlor. I don’t think I’ve eaten ice cream that tasty ever before. Man! That was some delicious stuff.

In all, it’s been a great weekend so far.