Today was my second day of work. No computer access yet, and I can’t move freely about my building because I don’t have an access badge… but my work hasn’t been all that challenging yet either. The monotony of reading up on terms and acronyms used in every day office jargon is a lot easier to take when you’ve got a friendly boss and nice folks throughout the office.

It’s been an interesting two days, though. I do little things around the office to keep myself busy and make my position seem important. I have in my possession several previously published books and pamphlets to read up on. Although they contain no sensitive data, I guard these documents as if they were privileged information. Once I found the key to the filing cabinets with adorn my cubicle, I realized my self-empowerment. Temporarily with a cubicle all to myself, I cautiously squirrel away these precious bits of public knowledge in all available office storage space, hoarding my bounty from the prying eyes of certain and perilous theft.

At the end of the day, I make certain to take the keys to said filing cabinets with me with ALL documents stored securely with care. It’s not an easy job to pretend you’re important – but someone’s got to do it.