I got together with by my brother in law’s folks today. The plan was to take the Metro out and meet them at the end of the line closest to their place… only I decided to jump on the wrong train. Instead of nabbing the orange line headed out to Vienna, I found myself heading south of town on the blue line instead.

It was about 50 minutes before I figured it out.

I managed to get back on track, and they were kind enough to wait for me at the end of the orange line while I made my way back to where I should have gone. We had lunch and then I got hooked up with a few housewares that I needed. They also took me to the grocery store. I’m finally all settled in.

After going for an evening walk down Pennsylvania avenue, my roommate and I gawked at folks touring the National mall on Segways. Even without being the nation’s capital, this city’s got some sites.

 wheelin\' and dealin\'