This whole DC thing seems to be off to a good start. I found my way from the airport into downtown and got checked-in, no sweat. It’s kind of crazy to think about travel. Exactly 24 hours ago, I was hanging out in Minnesota – now I’m on K street and buying groceries at Trader Joe’s down the block.

The place we’re living in is an old hotel. Since then, it’s been converted into dorms. Apparently, they decided to keep the pool in place, so I might go hunt that down tomorrow, just to see what that’s like. In other dorm news, my roommates seem great. I think that we’re going to get along really well. David’s from New York, Matt’s from Colorado – and they’re both decent fellas.

I need to look at what my commute is like… so maybe I’ll take advantage of the reduced fairs on Memorial Day and do a pre-run of my commute. It looks like it could take an hour. If that’s true, at least I’ll get to know some of the Metro’s finer points. That’s all I know so far.

Sorry so few pictures. There’ll be more, I promise.