Wednesday was a long day for me. I’m not one for all night-ers, but it was unavoidable. I did manage to get everything done, though. I ended up turning in a scholarship application, handing in a rather lengthy homework assignment, and giving my Spanish teacher my completed 7 page paper.

Ever written a seven page paper in another language? It’s no picnic.

It was a massive sense of satisfaction knowing that I got all that taken care of, and still managed to make it through the next day.

Yesterday I went to go tutor at middle school again. I was explaining in Spanish how to do the civil war activity we were working on to a student that doesn’t really have a firm grasp on English. Some of the other students overheard and were impressed that I spoke Spanish. Part of me really wanted to say something along the lines of “Well, if you eat your vegetables and study hard, you can speak Spanish, too!”

But I knew how corny that sounded, so I made the executive decision to just look sheepish instead.

Hmm, I didn’t plan on this post being all about Spanish when I started. Have you guys ever seen these things before? I hear they don’t make them anymore. Too bad.