Cuatro sink-o (cinco).

Get it? Strangely enough, 4/5 happens to be today’s date. You know, because May is the fourth month, and all. I mean fifth month. Oh. So it’s 5/5/08 then, huh? Well, at least it’s “Cinco de Mayo.” Happy Cinco everybody!

A lot of people think Cinco de Mayo is all about Mexican independence from Spain, but it actually deals with an army from the Mexican state of Puebla triumphing over the imposing French forces in the mid 1800s. Now you know. But really, is that all that important?

Not really. If you’re not from Puebla, or even if you are, it still might not be that big of deal. So instead, lemme tell you about my weekend.

It was full of concerts, to begin with. I went to Ted Mann concert hall every evening this past weekend. I saw great performances like “Carmina Burana,” “The Mike Vax Big Band,” and “The U gospel choir.”  All of which were pretty phenomenal. Here’s my reviews, in three words or less.

Carmina Burana = “Powerful, enchanting”

U gospel choir = “Divine, hoppin’, soulful”

The Mike Vax Big Band = “Schticky, classics”

And I concluded my week with a bike ride to the May Day parade here in Minneapolis. It was pretty righteous – there were amazing puppets, some really great floats, and positive atmosphere all around. In all, it was a pretty great weekend. This week, on the other hand, will be pretty busy.

Thanks for readin’!