Have you ever ridden on Metro Transit? I imagine that public transportation is pretty homogeneous across cities, so even if you haven’t I’m sure you can relate. Most of the time, it’s a monotonous process. Get on the bus. Pay. Sit there. Get off. All this usually involves very little interaction with the bus driver and other passengers.

However, on the 2 that goes by campus every evening at around 8, there is a very friendly bus driver. He welcomes you when you board the bus and wishes you a good night when you get off it. He also points out which stops can be used to catch other routes, and where those other routes are headed.

So charming are his mannerisms, that the passengers frequently discuss amongst themselves what a pleasant trip they’ve had thus far aboard his bus.  I mean that’s great customer service right there, and in my opinion, a little of the good ol’ Minnesota nice shining through.

So this blog post is dedicated to you, Mr. bus driver man – and to all Tommy Steeles and Ms. Frizzles of the world. Thanks for making our commutes that much more pleasant.