The weather was phenomenal yesterday, so I biked a lot. The new derailuer I got installed works great, and it’s got me pumped for the short while that I’ll be able to bike around here in Minneapolis.

Amongst other places that my bike took me on Wednesday, good ol’ Trojan (Poppafox picked the name, as it’s really his bike) saw to it that I got to the University Theater’s performance of “The Wiz” on time last night. It was a decent show – although at times a little slow.

The main theme encouraged the audience to “Ease on down the road/ Don’t you carry nothin’ that might be a load/ Just ease on down the road.” I liked this song because of its folksy message. Lately I’ve been trying to live how I actually do live, instead of how I’d like to live.

To me, it seems that we’re often burdened down by trying to take on more tasks than we should, possibly in an effort to make others happy. I find it hard to tell someone “no” when they ask me for a favor, or when I’m asked to participate in a new student group or club.  Sometimes it’s hard to see, but with so many choices every day it’s important that we’re doing the things we truly enjoy and care about – because it’s too easy to let your time slip away.

And finally, because everyone likes pictures, I decided to throw out this shot of the school I went to in Venezuela. Here’s a shout out to all my panas and everyone who supported me, helped me get there, and made sure I got back safely.

No, don\'t worry... that\'s someone else\'s car dealership.