I went to middle school today. It was more fun than I remember. Today was my first day of tutoring in the Minneapolis School District. It didn’t occur to me until I got there that the kids shouldn’t call me by my first name, so after the suggestion of one of the liaisons I chose “Mr. F” as a good fit. It was all a whirlwind until I sat down with a student and we started working on some vocabulary. I can’t imagine how hard it is to learn a new language on top of everything else that these kids need to learn.

I worked with a few kids on their Social Sciences homework who were behind because they came into the district without a strong command of the English language. I got to help them out and at the same time use a bit of the ol’ Spanish – so that was nice. Everyone I’m working with is great, and they all seem to really appreciate the extra help. In all, I’m really happy with it.

Although things are looking great right now, the day didn’t start out so hot. I missed my bus this morning. There are two which go by my stop, one at 6:40 and the other at 6:52. I got out there at exactly 6:52 only to find the bus a block past my stop. I started walking, seeing no other viable options as the next bus wouldn’t come for another twenty minutes or so.

Just then a car rolled up. They asked me for directions for 35W North. I gave them directions and said “don’t worry, just follow the signs and you’ll be fine.” The said “thank you, kindly” and drove off. I thought to myself: “You know Seefox, it was really great of you to give those directions how you did. They were pretty easy to understand. They should have a really easy time finding 35W nor… south.” I couldn’t believe it! I gave them directions to SOUTH 35 W!

I hoped to God that they had decided to take my advice of “just follow the signs and you’ll be fine,” rather than my stupid “easy to follow” directions to the wrong on-ramp. All they really needed to do was turn left another three blocks down the street. I can’t believe I’m still so bad at directions.

Cursing myself for the stupid mistake, I continued walking past the next bus stop while the 6:52 bus (several minutes late) rumbled on by me. I wound up at class a few minutes late, but I figured it was probably the cosmos taking revenge on me for making those people who asked me for directions late. Life is a circle – but one with a strong sense of irony.