In an effort to make things here at “Run fox, run!” a little more interactive, I went ahead and added that Meebo chat box on the sidebar. Right now my plan is to be signed in to Meebo every Thursday at 9 PM. What do you guys think about that? That way, if you wanted to you could take some time after Survivor or American Idol and come chat with me online. It’s pretty easy to use the chat box, I’m pretty sure you don’t actually have to sign up for another chat service, besides telling you whether I’m online or not. Of course, comments are always welcome, but I’m hoping that this will add a whole new dynamic to the blog. Leave me a comment about how you feel towards this issue, email me at fauxfoxpas[at] (replace the “[at]” with this symbol “@”), or come talk to me on Thursday night!

In other news, I’ve been hearing more about my internship lately. Nothing actually exciting or informative, but the other day I got emailed a packet of information about the housing contract I’ll have to sign when I get to DC. It wasn’t really anything other than a list of rules, but it was still a nice reminder that the end of this school year is just around the corner.

Yesterday I ate pineapple. A whole one – by myself. It was really tasty. I’m the mayor of pineapplesville. Or Pineapolis (get it, like Minneapolis?) Happy Tuesday!