For those of you who don’t know, OSHA is the Occupations Health and Safety Administration, which is part of the bureaucracy here in the states that set and regulates safety conditions in the work place. Our good buddies to the north have a similar agency, who’ve unleashed a series of public service announcements. Unlike most overly campy, ridiculously staged public service announcements, they’ve really hit the mark here.  Who’da thunk that “shock and awe” tactics could be used to promote work safety. Check it out here, if you dare.

On the lighter side of life, there’s also this video – again a public service announcement, but this one I thought was just plain funny. Check it out here (work safe).

Also falling under the “good news” category, I was at the grocery store yesterday buying a pack of soda. The cashier rung me up and the price came out as $0.00. She looked at the screen and then looked back at me and declared, “Huh. It must be free.” Being a cashier (of sorts) myself, I figured she was joking and was going to scan it again. She repeated what she said before, and I continued to look at her in disbelief.

“No, I’m serious,” She reiterated. Still uncertain, I asked: “So, should I like… go grab a different one or something?”

 “Don’t worry about it, just take it.” She replied. I took my free 12 pack of Pepsi and wished her a good night. It was definitely one of those random things that just seem to go right every now and then. It was like I had landed on chance and just won $10 for getting second place in a beauty pageant, you know?

It just makes you think… Monopoly is a lot like life – Especially if you’re a landlord.