I’ve been running into a lot of people that I went to High School with lately. I think that’s one of the things that I thought wouldn’t happen to me as often as it has. The most recent incident was at “Too Much Love,” an event sponsored by First Avenue every Saturday night. I had been dancing in the same little patch of floor for the past twenty minutes or so when I see this polka dot dress in front of me who asks “Hey, did you go to my high school?” Breaking my zoned-out stare at the floor, I look up at her and realize that it’s Shirley, clarinet player extraordinaire. 

We talked for a minute, and that was that. I was grateful that the conversation had been short and sweet. I don’t know what I would have said otherwise. Last Friday I went to buy groceries, and I ran into two more people who I knew from the music program in HS. He played Javert in Les Miserables, and she played Eponine. I didn’t put it together that they were dating until I saw them holding hands in the baking aisle. I surmised that it was probably some previously arranged relationship and not some tryst brought on by the scintillating aroma of Pillsbury Flour and Brer Rabbit Molasses.

Realizing that they didn’t recognize me, or chose not to, I rounded the corner to the Gatorade aisle, I came face to face with TJ, from civics class. Sure, we didn’t have much to say, but after a whole 30 seconds of small talk and jokes about the cost of groceries, we were left standing awkwardly in front of our shopping carts, looking for an out. It’s not that I didn’t care how TJ’s life has been going since then, it’s that I couldn’t see how it was any of my business. After a minute or so of silence, I gave him a “well, see you later then,” along with a head nod and headed towards checkout.

I wonder who I’ll have that sort of a relationship with in the future. Will it be any of my current friends, or will I always have the same reserve of high school friends to run into occasionally and then forget about?