I went to see my college advisor today. Actually, that’s not true. I went to see my major advisor today, because when I went to see her she was on the 10th floor rather than on the 5th floor. When she’s on the 5th floor, then she’s my college advisor. She can’t be both, and she has a separate room for each title.

I had several questions to ask her – and the answers I received were less than helpful. Mostly I just wanted reassurance that everything would be fine, whether I take an extra semester to finish my degree or not. My advisor said she could help out more… if I had gone to her walk-in hours on the 5th floor, not the 10th.

But on the bright side… because it was a nice day, I decided to ride my bike to the appointment rather than taking the bus. That was a welcome change of pace; I had forgotten how good it feels to bike around Minneapolis.

In other news, Barack Obama has a Reggaetone song dedicated to him. Check it out here. It’s mostly in Spanish though, so look out for that.