A lot has been happening lately-

I had an adventure weekend. Kritty and I hooked up with my good buddy Karl (who owns a plane) and he happened to take us flying (in the plane that he owns, by the by). It was a Cessena Skywagon. Yeah, planes are probably the only thing cooler than sailboats.

I’ve been making concious efforts to go and speak Spanish lately. After the three of us got done with our flying fun, we hit up a little Mexican restaurant and had ourselves a little Spanish conversation hour. It was funny because Karl insisted that we order in Spanish, so the waitress humored us and played along.

Kritty doesn’t speak any Spanish, so I ordered her meal for her. “She’d like the chicken enchiladas” I said in Spanish.

The waitress asked me, again in spanish: “Would she prefer soup or salad?”

I turned to Kritty, who was sitting in between me and the waitress, and translated “Soup or salad?”

Unsure of who to tell, she looked straight forward and said in an assertive monotone, “Soup.”

I looked back up at the waitress and said “La sopa.”

She scribbled down the order and then asked in Spanish, “Corn or flour tortillas?”

I turned again and translated. “Corn or flour tortillas?”

Kritty gives me a look, then turns to the waitress and starts to say “Co-,” but before she can even finish, the waitress cuts her off with a wag of her finger and says, “No honey, we have to make him try.”

“De maize,” I say.

“Y algo para beber?” the waitress asks.

“What?” I ask in Spanish.

She repeats herself. “Can you say that again for me?” I ask again in Spanish.

Patient as ever, she repeats her question. The light clicks on in my head.

“Oh,” I said, feeling stupid. “What do you want to drink?” I ask Kritty, but she rolls her eyes at me and defeatedly says, “just water.”

There’s a dinner group that meets once a month at a different South American/Mexican/Spanish restaurant and only speaks Spanish the whole evening. I went to that and got myself a bit of Colombian food. It was pretty similar to what they eat in Venezuela, so it was nice to have a little throwback.

Right now I’m in one of the busiest semesters I’ve ever had, and I really can’t say what it is that’s sucking up all my time. I’d love to pin it all on one class, but really I think that I’m legitimately studying this semester, instead of resting on my laurels. Oh, laurels… how good you are to rest upon.