Last weekend the Minneapolis Boat show was in town. Needless to say, I took myself down to the convention center to treat myself to what promised itself to be an exciting display of the latest in Marine technology. Specifically, I went to take part in “Sailfest” which was guaranteed to be the latest and greatest addition to the show.
Although I was entirely disappointed by the low sailboat vendor turnout, it was pretty sweet to see what some of the manufacturers were dreaming up these days.
This was a favorite of mine…

…because it has so many automatic thing-a-ma-jigs. The jib is self-furling and the spinnaker can be deployed and then stored again using only one hand. It had a reverse vang, which I thought was pretty cool, and plenty of space in the interior. The centerboard was friciton based, meaning that it would pop-up should you run aground in some unexpected shallows. Non-sailors should note the colorful sails. This lil’ lady was definitely out of my league.
This guy on the other hand, is more my speed. Precision makes straightforward boats without the unnecessarily complicated rigging. I like this 15 foot model.

She’s definitely not as colorful as the previous boat, but there’s something to be said for sailing something that’s not quite as… excessive as the previous model.
Apart from the overwhelming process of looking at the boats for hours and trying to keep up with everyone’s jargon, I had a pretty good weekend. My girlfriend Kritty and I went to the St. Paul Winter Carnival – home to the longest freakin’ parade ever! After rounding off over an hour and a half with more yet to come, we decided to head out early and hit up Candyland on the way back to the car to satisfy a relentless sugar craving that had been nagging us since we parked.
I recommend the chocolate covered toffee.