Today, Fox ran to two small towns in Northern Minnesota. Tomorrow I’ll go plan to meet Rocky and Bullwinkle over in Frostbite Falls before heading back to the cities. Just kidding, that was sorta stupid, huh?
It’s a strange and welcome event to see your grandparents by yourself for the first time. Even moreso if you can see both sets in one day. Such was my Thursday.
After running through my past semester’s pictures, sharing travel stories, and getting bags of cookies I sort of realized that although some aspects about my visits were different, some things never change.
On an academic note, buckled down and bought my textbooks. Although my wallet feels painfully light, at least I finally have enough coasters for every surface in my house.
Okay, I can’t take anymore. My life is still sort of boring. Anyhow, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for…