First of all I would like to thank everyone who followed my progress in Venezuela, sent packages, and who called me (and accepted my calls) while I was abroad. Now that I’m back and reasonably well adjusted, I’ve decided that I should continue my blogging endevour – I sort of missed it the past few weeks. Besides, many of the other blogs that I enjoy haven’t updated in forever, so I’m hoping to start a trend.

The strangest thing about my re-adustment process was discovering all of the little things that I had forgotten about. For instance, I ate at Burger King when I was in the Miami Airport waiting to grab my Minneapolis flight. I had completely forgotten about the concept of free refills, much less one of my favorite sodas, Dr. Pepper. I could have as much of it as I wanted? For just that one price? That’s awesome!

Okay, so free refills aside – I also realized that our airlines (cough* cough* Northwest) leave a lot to be desired. But, with each little thing I slowly remember about our society my adjustment process is slowly forgotten and I become a little more of a fully functioning member of US society again.

I took a visit to Minneapolis to reconnect with old friends and roommates before the Christmas season. I came back and realized that I completely forgot about an alumni band event that my mom had asked me to organize. So, hurriedly contacting the necessary channels, we got together and had a practice at my mom’s house with music and a strong woodwind section.

I spent the holidays in my pajamas for the most part, and loved every minute of it. After playing several rounds of the “Dancing with the Stars” video game with my parents, I realized that there are just some things that you can only do in the US. Lounging around in your PJ’s and playing videogames with your folks on Christmas is probably one of them.

Merry Christmas, and a happy holiday season to everybody.