So yesterday was Thursday, and I didn’t do a hair update for it. Sorry dudes. This will make up for it, though…

So apparently you can catch yourself off-guard in a photo.

I’ve been pretty busy packing my things and getting ready for the trip home. I’ll leave Merida on the 9th in the morning, which means that I have exactly a whole day and a half left here. I’ve got some plans to meet a friend tonight at 5 and chat in the plaza Bolivar for a while, and then again tomorrow for dinner with a different bunch of friends.

I’ll have three checked bags for the trip back home, so it’s less about trying to squeeze everything into my suitcases and trick them into closing and more about packing sensibly and putting like things together. It’s nice to flex my organizational muscles again. I’m definitely taking my time and enjoying my last few days here. I helped make some arepas with Esperanza the other day, and had a decent conversation with the owner of the chemical store across the street from my place this morning. I’m starting to get excited to go home, and it all seems to be coming around at about the right pace – I have to leave sometime, and this just sort of feels right.