A lot’s happened over the weekend. I went up on the Teleferico on Friday. For those of you who don’t know, the Teleferico is a cable car system built by the French here in Merida in 1948. Well, the French and the Swiss, actually. Apparently the French didn’t have the engineering chutzpa to build the last tram (the one that goes to the top) so the Swiss decided to take over the project and finish off that mammajamma.

170 pictures later, I’ve carefully chosen a select few to add to my photo page – flickr. If you want to check ’em out go ahead and give a click on that little rectangle (the one with all the moving pictures) over there in the corner listed under the heading “This will take you to my pictures.” You might be disappointed, but at least you won’t be curious. There might be a cute picture of a puppy in that collection, but who knows?

Other than that, I almost went to go see a “presentation of bands” in a parking lot in my neighborhood on Saturday. Unfortunately it was rained out. Not like it matters, though. Proving their Venezuelan punctuality, the roadies had almost finished setting up at 7:45 when the first band’s drummer started warming up. The concert was billed to begin at 4:30.

Saturday night I did myself a little “bar leeping tour” (shout out to the sistas) around Merida, and wound up doing some group dancing with a group of thirty-somethings. Itwas a lot of fun. The big group of us split off earlier in the night, and as such I was the only gringo in the smaller group, much less the entire bar. It felt good to finally not be in a huge group of foreigners and sort of get to blend in.

Couple all of that with a ton of homework and a Sunday night spent watching bits and pieces of “Agent Cody Banks,” “Hostel,” and all currently existing chapters of R. Kelley’s “Trapped in the Closet” and you’ve got yourself some weird dreams waiting for you when you doze off. Other than that, I’ve been busy lately with homework and Peru planning. My plans for today include attempting to finish my children’s book (not going to happen) and cookin’ up some meatballs for a Venezuelan food presentation I’m giving tomorrow in class. I guess it needs to be about a half an hour or more. I haven’t started it yet – so I gotta get on that, too.

I’ll be home soon.