…and a hippo new year. Man, there’s a lot to talk about. First of all, since my update on Tuesday, there was a protest about a block away from Venusa. Aparently the kids at Nuestra Senora Fatima primary school decided it was time to act out. Since it was all just little kids, we all figured that the police weren’t going to gas anyone, so everybody in Venusa (faculty and staff included) headed outside to watch the kids block traffic and redirect it up hill. I guess someone decided to start a big pile of palm leaves on fire, as a more effective barrier. As is the usual riot fare, someone decided to lob a tire (that the conveniently had with them) on top of the fire.

Probably my favorite thing about the protest was that kids are kids, and they’ll always have time for an ice cream.
About that time, the cops showed up in riot gear, so I headed inside. I heard that nothing really happened, but I was glad to have some pictures. This is the line of traffic they caused. It went all the way to downtown, which is a fifteen minute walk.

Wednesday I didn’t do too much. I did get that long awaited package from the tax building. It was from my parents. A little of this, a little o’ that, and a few of the comforts of home really can make a long trip feel a little cozier. I also went out to eat with my nuevo encuentro. After finally deciding on a Chinese food place I chose the ever ubiquitous Orange Chicken. I was served the plate, and two plastic bottles of sauces – one red, the other orange. I smelled them both, and then went back to the sauce in orange bottle, trying to figure it out what it was, solely by sense of smell.

It was at this moment that Ana, my nuevo encuentro decided to give the sauce bottle a good ol’ squeeze, shooting a very healthy amount of soy sauce directly up my nose. Amazingly, none landed on my white t-shirt. Weird how that worked out. I think I removed the last soy sauce covered booger sometime after lunch today.
Anyway, there’s a “presentation of bands” on saturday that I think we’ll hit up. I decided to pass on the show with billings like “Ultra scream death metal” and “Thrash Industrial” for something that she promised would be a bit less out there. Not that that’s not my scene or anything, but yeah… it’s not really my scene.

Today I sent my first piece of Venezuelan mail. I also got a letter from Grams Fox. That was pretty sweet. And thanks to the Venezuelan mail service, the letter was only two and a half months old.

Okay, I gotta run to class. Here’s my head.

Oh, Grams? I got your other package.