Okay, so we all know that time is dwindling down for me here, but now I’m getting my rear in gear to finish off the year (okay semester, but it rhymed) in Venezuela. I have about five or so big honkin’ projects to finish off, so I’ve made the executive decision not to travel anywhere until Peru.

Speaking of Peru, a big shout out to the travel agent services of mi padre, Sr. Tomas Fox, who has been more that helpful in the past few days in regards to the Peruvian flights that we had yet to reserve.

When Andy and I left our house today and entered the waiting room to our building (which is built in the usual open air style) we coughed and cried all the way to the bus stop because of the tear gas that was lingering in the air, carried downhill by the mountain winds from the protests above our apartment.

Anyway, it’s Friday, and I gotta go to class soon. Here’s my head.

—okay, it seems that blogger isn’t being kind to my picture upload, so here’s an emoticon representation of what my head currently looks like.—


Oh yeah – “I wanna walk up the side of a mountian, I wanna walk down the other side of the mountain, I wanna swim in the river and lie in the sun, I wanna try and be nice to everyone.” You may recognize this song (Nature Anthem) from a Volkswagon jetta commercial, but more importantly it’s by a band called Grandaddy. It’s more or less what I think about when I walk around and have a view of the mountains on either side of the city.