While this post actually has nothing to do with the Gophers, but I do have a few stories to share. Last weekend I went to some hot-springs in Musui, which are conveniently located on top of a steep mountain. The hot springs were only marginally hot, but the mountain was sufficiently inclined. What a weekend. Oh, I almost forgot! We were accompanied by the 75 year old grandpa. He took about 20 minutes longer than the rest of us and was followed closely by his grandson, but he made it nevertheless. Bernard was pretty cool shit, for lack of better words to describe him.

Lately the political activity has been picking up. Students have been rallying in the streets every day this week – which actually isn’t much of a statement considering it’s Tuesday. Because of the increased craziness lately, I’ve got one friend that ended up with a leg covered little red bumps where a cop shot him with plastic bullets, and another friend who chased down his own mugger to reclaim his belongings.

Yesterday I came across a young guy that was holding a marching xylophone in front of a school. I talked to him for a bit about when they were having their next concert only to find out that there was a national competition last weekend in Plaza Bolivar, a mere 12 blocks from my house. It made me miss marching band.

Here’s a few pictures from our trip this weekend…

This one was taken from the middle of the huge hill we had to climb. It was uber steep. Maybe I’ve said that already?

Anyway, I wish you all a good night, and please observe that I’m still stuck in the same time, whereas all you dudes got to sneak in that extra hour of sleep. Just keep it in mind. See you Thursday.