Today I woke up at 12:30. Since I ended up with sort of a late start to my day, I had breakfast for lunch and caught up with two of my friends in a cafe downtown. We visited the post office, and then since my friend Ronald had yet to eat, we hit up McDonalds. As I had not eaten any lunch either, I ate there with him. Today was now the second time I’d been to McDondalds in a week. I never eat fast food that much in the States. After returning to Venusa for a game of pool without a cueball (such is Venezuela) and a talk about flight rearrangement, I helped myself to a tea in the cafe and a good long sit.

I hooked up with my roommate later, ate some pizza, and here I am. I believe that I’ll be going camping tomorrow just for a quick day trip, but it should give me another opportunity to try out my backpack. It’ll be good to season it in a little bit before this fast approaching Peru trip. We’ve got three weeks left, so I’ve got some projects to get working on here before they get the best of me. One of them is a Children’s book, so I’ll be having a lot of fun assembling that in the next few weeks. Anywho, here’s a picture I just drew.